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PoeticaL MusingS


Welcome to my PoeticaL MusinG's site!!!

I've been planning a revamping of my for updates and changes soon.

Who is Kristy?

I'm an aspiring writer. I mostly write poetry, but I'm working on a novel as well. I'm currently taking an online class hoping to get more skills to write my bestseller!

I have written lyrics for two songs for a rock band named Blue Joules. You can find a lot more about Blue Joules and my songs within the guts of my own website or by checking them out below. My song Pop a Pill can be found there.  Take a listen for yourself.

On this website, the "doorway" to my soul, I hope to introduce myself in poetry and snipets of thoughts. And share with you who I am. 
I spend most of my time messing around with my computer, reading books, (I once read 52 books over the course of 1 year just to prove that it could be done), writing poetry and now I'm writing fiction in a new novel endeavor. 
I love all kinds of music but my favorites include Paul Westerberg, Alan Jackson, Ryan Adams and the likes of BT and Moby as well.  My musical tastes are varied and wide and I could never list them all but I do seem to prefer solo male artists the most. 

I am interested in always learning and growing as a person.  My friends rank high in importance in my life because true friendship lasts the test of time.  I have learned that honesty is the only way to go and a lie will always surface and haunt you.
I have many goals in life of which include further education in the computer field.  I hope to continue to find success in the field of songwriting because it is truly a work straight from my heart. 
I strive to write every day and enjoy every word.

The birthdate of my first and only poetry website in existence. Thanks addicted_2_country! You always have great ideas for me! I always knew I'd have a website "someday".


Absolutely everything on my site is copywrited!
Please don't steal, its so not nice...

* *


Yeah...this is me.


and this is where I's so beautiful


I am PoeticaL
Intensely hysterical
Ironically irrational
I am immaterial
I eat life in lyrical
Seeking ethereal
I am tangible
Touch me
Feel me
Hear me
Breathe me
My quill is truly
A birth canal sea
My poetry
Is my hearts plea
My soul
Has an admission fee
Ink is my tolerable degree
Take me
Save me
Hear me
Fear me
Lost my happiness
I am now an amputee
Yet I dont regret
I am the princess and
I always feel the pea


I saved a chow chow's life, if you would like to save a dog's life too click the chow chow.  A furry guy will thank you for it with years of love.

into each life some daisys must fall....




I want to have meant enough that some part of who I was will always be some small part of who you have yet to be.



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Thanks for visiting my site!