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PoeticaL MusingS
FrenZ wiTh TaLeNt

my friend symbol leads to more chinese symbols


"I think about you all the time, but I don't need to think".

~gOo GoO DoLLs~

the twelve disciples theory lives on...

What can I possibly say about my friends? I have the coolest friends that any girl could ever ask for. I have learned so so much from my online friends that I can't even begin to pay anyone back with my wordage.

I have been inspired by so many people along the way. In either something they say to me about their lives or just something that they teach me about mine.


cLiCk beloW to ReAd the moSt smoKin' poEtrY sKillZ


There's no way I can begin to explain to anyone, or have the explanation ever reach the realities of the friendship you and I have. I have made it through some tough times...with you! Thank you my frienD!

~RaiN anD PapEr DollS~

Hard rain spills
From the eyes
Of drunken skies
Pretty little painted people scatter
Ducking for cover
Under makeshift
Made of cardboard boxes
From Sears
Upper-class and street walkers
Soaked like store bought sponges
Inside the warm walls
They stand frozen
Laughing out loud
In perfect duplication
Of Musak's rendition
Of Ricky Martin "Shake your Bon Bon"
Looking out storefront windows
At the wet paper dolls
Flailing around like
Fresh caught trout
Gasping for water
But these fools
Are little too wet
For the tight white dresses
And silk suits
Bleeding bright colors
Make up running
The sky closes its mouth
Sun walks in
In regal fashion
Wet Soaked paper dolls
Stand in amazement
Like people who have
Never seen the likes of rain
Slowly mount their BMW's
And drive away
Senile old men
Sitting on the Bench
In front of Wards
Will talk of this night forever
To anymore bored enough to listen
But if you take a closer look
At the store mannequins
The smiles are etched little bigger
And some say their eyes
Now sparkle
At the street of fools
That entertained for free
Just a few nights ago

(one of my favorite's by Darksoul...it's hard to choose!)


The other side of the world looks like a great place to be because of you. I'll always have that red telephone box thought, always! You were the first to suggest I get a site, and I want you to finish what you started. I truly do! You're the stuff happy poetry is inspired by! PPOA will always think about you!


She is such a sweet honey bee
She will do favours for a small fee
She has the most noble eloquence
She is bubbly warm effervescence
She gives me beautiful poems in corpus
She makes wonderful use of a thesauraus
She giggles, laughs and smiles in three
She always makes me feel...well...just me

(written for me by BraN on July 18, 2000)


fEeD youR eyEs the aRt of InSanItY bY clicKinG aboVe

Rick, thanks for proving that inspiration comes into lives sometimes just out of the blue. I see wonderful things on the horizon. I know that your influence will be a flame on the candle of my inspiration.

~PsYchO PoEtrY~


goTTa loVe thAt oNe LinEr enDinG!



~BryaN A. BrEauX~

druMmEr eXtrAorDiNaiRe!!!





listen right hear!

Written by Bryan A. Breaux
November 11, 1991
Recorded by Nog Pon Jami
C.D. Plastic Jewels
Copyright 1995 Imaj Records
Published 1996 Gulf Central Music Publishing

She's dancing with you
She's dancing with you
in a stream of blood

She swims to you
She swims through you
and your crucified
yet she never died

She falls with you
You fall into
a dream of hope

She drinks of you
She drinks to you
and you learn to die
yet she learns to rise
She never dies

I don't know what your seeing
but I'm looking with you
I don't kow what your feeling
but I'm reaching
I'm reaching with you

NoG PoN JaMi iS thE cooLeSt baNd I neVeR goT to wiTneSs

anD BrYaN yoU aRe thE beSt drUmmEr I havE eveR knoWn!

You're the best for sharing so many mind altering recommendations along the way! And thanks for always reading all my new poems in progress, you're
encouragement is appreciated!




Jeff is the next big thing right around the corner of tomorrow.

Click on the above picture to listen to some of the coolest music I have heard to date. And he does it all entirely by himself! I have much respect for his talent.

Thanks for giving me "faith" when I most needed it. And for your continued support and influence where my own writing is concerned. You're the only person I know that has so much passion for writing like myself...much love




eLdeRtRee CrEaTiOnS


All day I swim but I don't like the water
The tears I shed fill my buckets
And all of my thoughts sink in a sea of memories
Drowning me

Every moment I spend treading my nightmares
Just to keep above the line
I kick reluctantly for another chance
I just love to drink bad memories down
God I hate to drink

Some days I try and think of when revelations
Will come
So I can stand painting
Pretending I'm good enough
To capture it
God I hate it when I think

When the locust of denial swarm massively around
I know the cycle of revelations has begun
And before it I stand pondering
If I'm good enough to capture it
Before it's too late

greg...you singlehandedly changed the face of my writing game you made me think of every one of lifes white pages as an invitation for color and I will forever be grateful to you for that one fact..always...

~doreen peri~


~A Reason, A Season, or A Lifetime~

Some people come into our Lives
For some specific Reason --
Referral to the Doc, perhaps,
While coughin', wheezin', sneezin'.

Their purpose served, and their reward,
Your thankful comments given,
They leave your Life and you go on --
More days and years for Livin'.

Some people come into our Lives
For longer, for a Season --
To warm our souls, perhaps, in winter
While our hearts are freezin',

Don't wonder why they have to leave
When you have grown in Livin',
Since they were there for you, a Time,
Accept all they have given.

These people who come to your Life
For Reason or for Season,
Are there to help you move along,
Their leavin's no high treason.

But other people come into
Your Lifetime for Forever,
To grow in Love and Friendship of
Each phase of your endeavor.

They change with you and watch you grow
While memories are treasured --
The value of connection with
The all you are, not measured.

No matter which, relationships
With people have objective.
And each adds value to your Life,
Though sometimes quite subjective.

Yes, Life is change and people leave
And sometimes it's confusin',
But we should not feel scared of change,
Since gain was made, not losin'.

There's no doubt in my mind that We
Will be here for forever.
I can't imagine otherwise,
Such Love we'll never sever.

But if you leave my Life and I
Am left here then, without you --
Remember I will always hold
Sweet memories about you.

You've been my Friend, my Lover and
You've taught me many lessons.
And what it is, it is, my Love,
No use in second guessin's.

A Reason or a Season or
a Lifetime, it's not certain.
Whatever it will be, will be,
No close to any curtain.

(c) doreen peri, 5/18/2001
all rights reserved

doreen, If I could to pick anyone to be paralleling lives with I'd meet you at the nearest intersection to dodge my days with anyday for any reason, all seasons and during any lifetime!

Click the above picture and do a search on passions for more poetry by the absolute most talented poetess I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. *sniff* *sniff* someone pass the kleenex... pssst..was there a good line in there somewhere?


(some people are poetically beautiful just because they breath,
and his photography is poetry captured on film)

In your heart you already know what you want out of life. The answers won't fall from the sky but will come from within you when you realize that you have the courage to do so. I know this courage is inside you. If we are ever to be, you must not ever doubt that courage but bring it to light. As time passes and if it should continue to march into the more distance future remember dreams are like stars. They won't always last forever and will be here only as long as the dreamer wants them to be. We are only as real as the effort we create for our future.

Last but never least...you make me speechless. You are a gift from God. When palms touch palms all will be right with the world. Thanks for always being in my corner.
Much Love...

I'm ForeveR aMaZed bY thE aRtiSt's in tHe WorLD!!!

©opywrited inside out, left and right without a doubt!