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PoeticaL MusingS
MaGnetiC woRdaGe

iF you'vE neVer donE iT...dO iT!

scRamBlinG woRdS aLL oVeR thE fRiDgE


a dream story
whispered secret across the dark
danced off mornings color
feel gold long after light
leap shadows with you
how time wanders
the warm evening spirit
see moon hear wind
a sky perfect from my love

A storm
Leave me cold
Mother less
Through summer
Hour day week
Strange chill
Thousand deep breathe
Fall relent
You rain
Why go throw a child
Yet not for this year
She shall ever tell


You are almost my philosophy
After all when in bed I can learn
Naked friend of lecture
Study a mind full at night
Must cram slow

Skip food
Drink my tuition
Borrow coffee
No scholarship

Life could fail our paper
From better we know
High with talk

Never make research
more true than this

MaGnEtiC PoEtrY SiTe