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PoeticaL MusingS


Yep this is the place for all the mundane details!



My name is Kristy, KriS to my best friends and Kasey in special circles. I'm *grumble grumble* years old and I live in St. Petersburg, FL where the sun always shines and there's inspiration around every corner.

I have a 10 year old son named Keith. He's an aspiring artist.
And this is his first poem:

The guy who died
by Keith

do you spy?
said the guy that is going to die
are you?
you're probably not
going to die
the end of the end
is the end of the end of
this poem.

Keith's Artwork

Stuff I'd take to an Island with mE!

"Nothing Gold Can Stay - Robert Frost" poem,
Greg Carlson artwork, Salvadore Dali artwork,
Dave Matthews Band, Pete Yorn, Whiskeytown, An Officer
and a Gentlemen (the last scene...*sigh*), Matrix,
Jack Kerouac's On The Road, Paul Westerbergs Suicaine Gratification CD, my journal, the Pulp Fiction movie, the Replacements entire body of work,lipton tea, and tons and tons of medium point blue inked Dr. Grip pens!!!! Oh and a computer with a lifelong battery so I could always talk to my friends online. Can't live without Sunday night coffee chat! oops and coffee...

gotta take that to the island too ;-)

What do I do when I don't have a pen or keyboard in my hands???

I work for an integrated electronics company that sells active and passive components. Yup..I sell chips! I work with some great guys, but I'm the only girl there...so it gets tough to handle sometimes being the only brain in the company! (A job with frustrations? Hard to believe, huh?)