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PoeticaL MusingS
BruTaL HoNesTy

my raMbliNg oPiniOnS noThinG theIr woRtH

fuCkinG jeSuS!
(freedoM oF speeCh)

I have never had anyone tell me that my poetry didn't move them. Sure I write some crap...don't we all? It's like expecting a painter to have a zillion sought after paintings. I've seen some Dali pieces that make me think "I wouldn't want that on my wall if it was free...and frig this is Dali I'm looking at!" It's just the nature of the beast.

I write foremost for myself. And sure it's great when someone has something nice to say. But for some masochistic reason I rather like it when someone tells me not to use the word "fuck" for effect (as if they never use it when they're pissed off!)

See...interesting thing. I consider myself to be a christian but I also believe in the freedom of speech and I believe to say "Fucking jesus!" can be as wonderfully said as "Praise Jesus!". It's not the words, it's their meaning to you. It's the intended thought. But the average person would read "fucking Jesus" and throw a major fit. I'll proove this to you soon. I have an idea of writing about this very issue in a poem. I'll post it online and you'll see people freak the fuck out! lol And yet Jesus gave me the ability to type that word and use that word, and in my heart if I say "fucking Jesus!" I mean "fuck man...Jesus is awesome!" But put those two words together in a sentence and see what happens to the masses. The athiests will put up a statue in my honour and the christians will put a secret death wish on my head! Ain't expression grand?

You follow? I fucking hope so.

12 DisCipLeS ThEoRy
(this thEorY didn't beGiN wiTh mE but I mAdE iT my OpinioN)

This is biblical, but it really makes sense....everyone needs a "support sphere" of about 12 people... thus Christ's example of his disciples... he hand picked
12 and that was an example to us, according to the origin of this theory whose knowledge about life and relationships sometimes astounds, it's a neat thing to think, really... if you analyze your life... count those who are there for you right now... you will probably come up with 12... and that would include your children, any other relatives, and friends who you know love you for you and support you through your life at the moment.

I count many of you as one of my 12 right now... in this season of my life...and who knows? our friendship may last a lifetime and you may be one of the 12 for the rest of my life!

DisClaimEr: nO onE evEr sAiD i KneW whaT I waS talKinG aBout!