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PoeticaL MusingS
iN MemorY


iF yoU remembeR onE thinG abouT mY sitE remembeR thiS...

~forgive the people that you love while there is still time~



Life can play the cruelest jokes.
Make you think you've lost all hope
I always said, "No never!"
We are not destined to come together.
A phone call I made on a nameless day.
Though is was surely hopeless to again say.
Here I am where are you?
I didnt give it much thought to what you would do.
He said, "I'm coming to see you unless you tell me no".
I said, "Yes but I asked myself where will this all go"?
He said, "I'm sorry, theres no excuse..water under the bridge".
I said, "No regrets, you're forgiven, blood unlike water is thick.
Forgiveness is lifes greatest gift.
The souls grayest clouds it will lift.
You and I were cut from the same stone.
And I will forever never be alone.
The love I gave will never match the abundance of your return.
Your memory like a candle will forever inside me continue to burn.

~I wiLL~
(2 a.m. phone call)

Alone on a floor

Did you know I loved you?

Did you know I missed you?

Did you know how grateful I was to have you?

Did you know?

You forgave me and I forgave you.

I just got you back and now your gone.

I just had a parent again, why now?

In the blink of a 2 a.m. phone call you're gone.

You're gone.

And I will never be the same.

~UnconDitioNaL LoVe~

My siblings and I walk to the neighbors home
What can I say as the shoes I am wearing surely are not my own.
How do you ask a stranger did you speak to him last?
How was he? And please say he didnt seem alone...lost.

"He seemed himself as he cut his grass
and then newspapers yellowed and his mail collected".
I watched her face as I felt my calmness pass.
I wondered if the pain in my heart was reflected.

My thoughts were winding all along my mind.
Answers are something I so needed to find.
I knew we built a castle of memories in the sand.
One that turned to cement that will forever stand.

I tell myself over and over that life is beautiful.
That nothing I did was anything to regret.
I know I can keep the good memories in full.
Yet a sister and brother scavenging I'll never forget.

Why didnt I try harder to live closer to this man?
He was the one that held my love in every way.
How can I accept that I did all I can?
And why is there nothing more anyone can say?

The clichés the words they all say the same.
Hes in a better place they say of his name.
His love for you was always upon his lips.
You reconciled and you together found a gift.

She smiles in her doorway as she asks about my son.
She asks about my long trip and yet to me shes no one.
We turn to walk away and I wonder how could she just know.
Her hand on my arm stops me as she whispers in a voice so low.

"You were the one that brought him his smile.
He would talk of you and get lost in his thoughts for a while
You were the only one that your father spoke to me of
You were the one that gave him your unconditional love".

~RickY L. ChmelarskY~

~I miss you Dad~

the rose