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PoeticaL MusingS
PalZ PoetrY

thiS sectioN is goinG to bE thE mosT brillianT becauSe itS thE CroWd I hanG witH PoeticaLLy aLL oveR thE WeBB!!!!!

I am forever amazed by the talent I meet everyday!



Note: whateveR I puT here wiLL roTaTe ofteN becuZ hoW the hecK do I ever choosE????

~Painting in St Petersburg~

If I could paint my world
With colors of kindness
And shades of beauty
Then my world
Would overflow
With pictures of you

Drawing a smile
On my sad face
Bringing a little
To my dark soul

I reserved a quaint little room
For you
In the back of my heart
In hopes you will stay

My life is colored brighter
Since our lives first touched
And will never be the same

Thank you dear friend
For sharing your light
With me
I only hope I can do the same
When you're in need.



(To Poetical: A new friend whose spirit I admire and whose courage to speak her mind is refreshing.)

What care I for those
who choose to diminish
my very existence

those malevolent beings
who proclaim their own
unquestioned magnificence
whilst they sneer at the
concocted inperfections
of others

am I not, in the eyes
of the Almighty,
master of my own fate?
Am I not equally loved
by Him, the Redeemer
of all men?

this evil bile regurgitated
by heartless men is
less than nothing
in the final tally

to endure this outrage
is a test of my courage,
my worth,
and I wear the scars
with unabashed pride



a little word disribution.......
a simple introducin.....
i doin...
my name.... mike
im bout six five.......size thirteens...to keep me balanced right.....
i stay up all nite....( sometimes..)
i love to write rhymes.....poetics...poetry....whatever you wanna call it...
they are worded ....peices of art.....that i put apart from the norm
theres too many headaches with tryin to catch that nine to five worm.....
thats why i ponder sit write....read....become....what is my destiny......
to enlighten mynds......on the quest to be......
jus like me...
and you...
and everyone..who has ever sniff glue or lost a shoe.......
basically everyone....
my mission.....
to jus be me........and sustain my family....
to redefince actuality......
and undermine.......evils.......factuality....