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PoeticaL MusingS
WriTTeN 4 FrienDs

I have some really cooL friends!

Everyone inspires me. Sometimes it's just some small story they tell me or words that come up while talking. It often sets me off writing into a new poem....

I wrote all the poetry on this page with the inspiration of the coolest people. My friends.


yuP I'm gonna embarass you girL! She's my penpaL well...strike that!!! Hard!!! She's my best friend in life! We've known each other for 17 years and that's quite a long time to maintain a friendshiP in the best of situations. Try doing it with pen and paper!! *grin* we now have email!

CarLa, I love you like the sister I never had. And there's 4 days until we get to meet. I can't wait to buy you a drinK or 2 or 3 or....

Everyone inspires me. Sometimes it's just some small story they tell me. It sets me off into a new poem....

~MiNor MiSunDerstandinG~

The death of a moment
Swept away on the back
of a lost possibility of love
Silence happens
When there seems to
Be nothing to speak
Much Of

The key to
Slipped from
Greasy gloves

Dazed the connection
On a highway
Of lost introspection
Gone astray

Your Fictive rejection
Was just seven digits
he dumbly misplaced
which completely
his map which hes
now attested to

He was simply lost
Without a path
Tracked true
He just missed
any sign at the
back to you

The only key
Always under mats
Of just missed welcomes
And you
The beat of
Distant drums true

Another wasted thought
Upon a burnt out star
Is spoken my friend
What happened??

And fates
Circled back
Without end

Doesn't measure up
To the
Never mind
It doesn't matter
Because look
here we are again


One of the funniest people I know. You crack me up daily!! My co-worker...and I hesitate to say that because I consider you a friend above all else.

~CommUnicaTion iSolation~

there are those
that swim in
the air
with no wings

thoughts upon
the mind
that we hide
behind the bright dawn

birds trapped silent
can't sing

things we tell
no soul
no one
in whole

then one day
a thought trips
it slips out
you fool

and someone
just "gets it"
might not know the
how or why

but there it is
for a moment
you can fly

Vielen Dank lache für Helfen mich durch die zähen Momente meines Lebens!
translation for the isolated...
(Thank you for helping me laugh through the toughest moments of my life!)

Bob Casey


One day I was surfing around the gallons of ink on the Internet sea of poetry. I got to wondering how many other POETICAL people might be out there. I'm glad I went looking. I found one amazing poet with a true interest in honing his craft. I'm glad that "GooGle" is my best friend. Sometimes when you specifically go looking you find that you didn't even know how amazing your destination was until you have arrived! It's my pleasure to share in part my website name "PoeticaL Musings" with the man behind "Poetical Journeys". When you knock upon a man's door with trepidation and are greeted with acceptance that was a door to new inspiration.
Since then I have only been blessed by this meeting.  I wrote this for Bob as a thank you for sending me an an autographed copy of his poetry book. 
The Wanderer : A Poetical Journey

~the sky's endless possibility~

words can't be owned
yet they can be gifted
I am enthralled
by the kindness

I am in kindly enlisted
to wonder aloud
in a room full of silence
"what would become of
this world
if run by benevolence
not gray area violence?"

if we were to catch
a child's innocence
in a moment of rapture
then wrap with inclination
the world in courtesies
as bluely perfect
as the sky dressed
in gods gifted chivalry
what beauty might
we all then gain
for such a capture?