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PoeticaL MusingS
Thank you BraN


Theres something Ive wanted to tell you for a long time, but I have procrastinated because I havent been able to find the words that quite fit what I have wanted to say.  I can still remember the day I met you.  I can remember the techno music, the smiley faces and all of the American words translated into naughty English references.  ;-) I still remember those amazing eclipse pictures and mostly I will always remember the first time you said my name. Krissssssstyyyyyyyy.  And the time you tracked me down working for a company that had thousands of locations, and you still found me and surprised me with my first phone call from England.

Becoming friends was an easy thing with you.  It just happened.  Much like the way humans breath, it was natural and refreshing.  It was as simple as just being.  Being who I was and being accepted the way I was, regardless of where I was mentally and physically for that matter.  I often doubted that I was cool enough for you, and yet I was quickly corrected by your constant acceptance and friendship.  Ill never forget sending you American candy and hearing how pleased you were just to have some Hersheys kisses and hugs.  I think one of the coolest gifts I ever got was that awesome techno cd set.I am wearing a groove in those tunes.  Its impossible not to smile at a Branny song.  Ill never forget getting a phone call wishing me a Happy New Years when it was midnight in England and then a few hours later getting a phone call when it was midnight in America, again proving that no amount of time differences or miles can truly ever deter a true friendship.

I will forever be grateful that you left the World Trade Center prior to that tragedy.  I will never forget the way I felt when I wasnt sure of your exact whereabouts.   And better yet, the way I felt when I got your email telling me dont worry silly.  I was worried and then very relieved, relieved because it would have been like losing the sunshine.  Unfathomable.

I have come to you in tears over pain caused by others and by the end of the conversation been laughing and relieved of whatever was upsetting me.  There have been times that I have retreated from you not wanting to tell you things that I thought would only disappoint you.  You have pursued the reasons for my disappearances every single time with concern for my wellbeing, and at the end of the day I am so grateful to have a friend that truly displays that they do care, and that I do matter regardless of whats going on in my life.  When youre hiding and someone emails you, leaves voice messages, signs guestbooks and expresses their concern and never gives up on you, it definitely leaves no doubts that you have a true friend.

I can still recall so many things.  And with each memory I can only smile.  I have always considered myself lucky to have your friendship and awesome influence in my life.  Regardless of when I think of you, or what triggers me to do so, it is always with a smile that comes traveling in shortly afterwards.  That is a very rare thing, a thing I am thankful for.  I look forward to the day that we can go into a pub and share a beer and I can hug you and truly say thanks for being there for me.  When I think of you I think of big giant smiley faces and happy places. I think of all things good.

I have your picture on my dresser.  My son knows who you are, and thinks its so kewl bejewel that I know someone on the other side of the world.  (the guy with a funny voice Mommy?)  Plenty of people have asked about your picture.  I simply say, thats my bestest friend from Engurrrrland.  If my own son grows up to be half the man that you are, I will know I did more than a great job. To say thank you, thank you for being my friend, doesnt begin to say what I feel.  You are the definition of friendship in my world.  You are the sunshine filled sky on the most beautiful of days.

I love you.