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PoeticaL MusingS

my thoughts usually end up growing into poetry

I decided that once a week I would come here and rant and hopefully my thoughts would lead to something poeticaL. This week has been a rough week for me on a personal note.

It's a week where I'm left wondering how I ever came to believe in anyone or anything. When someone lets you down you feel like the whole world has dropped a few knotches. I'm talking to no one at this point in this rant. I'm talking to me because theres one thing I have come to realize this week. I am the only one that listens without having to hear. There's a thought that could be a poem.

~ lonely ear ~

One that Listens
without having to hear
could be that I am
the only one that knows
what that means
when all of it falls
to nothing
or so it might seem
I might just be the
only ear in every dream
that I never see

and so I ramble on...and sometimes it works and sometimes
it's frustrating and sometimes the same stuff comes from the same places and sometimes the deep places won't be touched.
July 4, 2001