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PoeticaL MusingS
Thank You Brad Vogel

You're someone very special to me in a way thats not about flowers and pretty words.  In a way thats more about reality and trust and friendship and all things very tangible and real. You've supported me and listened to me and been there for me throughout a lot of personal struggles, even when there was no light at the end of the tunnel.  You alone taught me that any relationship is about communication and cooperation.  You taught me how to search within myself and find answers despite my always drowning in my own personal fears.

I've never met anyone that I could talk to quite like I'm able to talk to you.  You're a very genuine person with so much to offer this world.  I admire your tenacity and strength of character.  You're the kind of person that makes me realize that there are still good people in this world.

In the last few years I have been struggling and searching for who I am.  You've been there throughout the toughest part of my life to date.  And for that I will never forget you nor will I ever be able to say thank you enough. 

I believe that God blessed me the day I met you.  God knew I needed someone like you to walk through my life and change it rearrange it and turn it all upside down so that I could see myself in the light of honestly and all possibility.  And I thank God for sending who he sent and hope that he will always bless you the same way you've blessed my life.

How do I tell you what you've done for me?  What you've always meant to me?  How do you tell someone that you do see what they've done?  Maybe all you can do is take action and show them the impact that they've had.  Maybe all you really need to do is tell them thank you. I hope so because you're the first person to ever make me so lost for the right words.

From my heart....thank you so very much.  I'm a better person because of you.

Sometimes no matter how the story ends, it was completely worth reading and remembering.