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Welcome to my recipes site!

I grew up with an Italian grandma who cooked everything from scratch. She always had a pot of soup, or a pan of something yummy in the oven. I grew up with food being an integral part of my childhood.

Then somewhere in my teen years my father took an interest in cooking and he did rather well. He was an avid chef in his later years and we would exchange recipes often. I am much like him in the fact that I collect more of 'em than I can try out.

Most of my family will see this site and laugh because I was the kid that only cooked something if it came in that red and white can. Mmmmm Mmmm Good... ;-)

But times have changed and when I have the time, I truly enjoy baking. Cooking still remains more of a chore than I would like. But I do have some specialties.

Cooking and eating good food has always been one of the great pleasures of my life. On this site I've tried to assemble some of my favorite recipes, both so I can keep track of them myself and so that others can share them. I've also included some funny cooking tips, and links to other recipe and cooking sites that I enjoy.

I've been dieting lately, and am just getting used to low-fat and alternative choices. I'll be journeying into more as this site developes I'm sure.

I'll also try to include recipes that I get asked about the most. Being a yankee girl from the North and living in the south...no one's heard of "No-Bake" cookies. And no one here knows what a true "Submarine" sandwich is. I miss those....

Enjoy my little cooking site. Food can be poetry too!

Happy Surfing,


I'm dedicating my recipe site to a very special Onion God.
Your secrets are forever safe with me!

I'm always cookin' up something...usually trouble!