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kitchens need poetry too!

when you're a poet you're poetical in all walks of life


Remember When

Flour dusted faces.
Memory making never erases.
Kneading dough.
To and fro.
Rolling antique pin.
Back and forth around again.
Clickety clack.
On great grandmas 5lb cotton sack.
Old ball bearings squeak their tune.
On a sunny June afternoon.
Red tied on apron smock.
Cutters marching down the marble block.
Diving one at a time.
To make creations divine.
Little hands push down slow.
Just like a little girl did it long ago.
Dance and sing around the table.
A sweetly sugared fairy fable.
Sugary lips, a hug, a kiss.
This is just.this I'd never miss.
When I one day look down from heaven
Will this child remember a day from seven?
When wrinkled hands find metal bending's in the McCoy jar
Will he remember his yesterdays like his today's are
A yellowed recipe written in my cursive script pen
Today I turn it over and simply add, "Remember when...



A day of cleaning out the pantry
or has that rice grown wings?

In fast-food days
Pantries slow the pulse
Blue jars of pasta-shine

Canned food sales
Are our Harvest home
Every shape of Peach

Pear Apricot Bean & Carrot
Tin soilders ready for battle
Defeat winter price wars

We dream of Saroyan
Grea trees of food fiction
We could taste the reality

Poetry lines the walls
Josh's Vidalia also
Lines from "Water to Chocolate"

Postcards of watercolor Pears
Antique tins full of old cookie cutters
Gran's rabbit Aunt's crinkled heart

Honey has crystallized in the jar
Brown sugar is now rock
The rice looks suspicious

Cookbooks from every time
And aged with food pox
Grease spots from long ago

I feel Mother's breath
As her head bends to Joy
Of looking we have had much

We discard plans no sugar
No pineapple No exotic time
We laugh and scramble eggs

The film of the past
Is wiped clean the shelves
Are precise and waiting

I step into the kitchen
Of once upon a time
And close the door



Icky sticky rice
A sheet of seaweed indeed
Dab some wasabi paste for taste
Squirt some Japanese mayo in a row
Dont forget the avocado you know
And of course the shrimp and tail prevail
Its ready to be rolled in a mold
And sliced and diced ever so nice
The Mexican Roll is the best I suggest
Mix the wasabi and soy and enjoy!



Recipe for Love

1 cup of understanding

1 cup of tolerance

1/2 cup of fun

1/2 cup of trust

1 cup of honesty

1 cup of helpfulness

1/2 cup of laughter


Friendship Recipe


As many cups of love as you can carry.
One sturdy shoulder (two is better)
An ear that will listen.
A heart that can feel.
A soul that will respond.
Laughter, giggles, and a few tears.
Never-ending supply of kind words.
A large supply of hugs, kisses, and more hugs.


Get out the biggest bowl you can find. Add together the cups of love you carried, don't worry about spilling any, you always should have extra just in case. Sometimes in preparation of a friendship, tears may fall. This is where the shoulder will come in handy. Like I said, two is better, especially if the first one gets tired or wet. This is also where the ear part comes in; sit back, shoulders ready for your friend to lay his/her head upon, and listen. In preparing a friendship you will need a heart that is capable of feeling. Not just a warm feeling in your heart, but a pull so strong that you feel as if there is no comparison to any other feeling you may have for someone else. If your recipe has survived this far, then you are doing good. This is where the soul comes in. I believe that we all have a soul. But, in a true friendship, the soul will respond as if you and your friend are as one. Yes, you will feel your soul. Do not be afraid, there is nothing wrong with this recipe. Add laughter, giggles, and tears to the above ingredients, and you are in for a special treat that so few people know how to make. In a true soul to soul friendship, there will be laughter. There will be giggles, and there will also be tears (this is where the shoulders come in). now, don't panic. You've come this far, we are almost near the end. Kind words and commitment. Need I say anymore? Mix all of these ingredients together, and I promise you a wonderful, eternal friendship and with this will come all the hugs and kisses that you will ever need. You simply have to ask. Or, if the friendship is really mixed well, you may never have to ask. It will be a given.

Good luck with your recipe for friendship. I hope that you had all of the ingredients, and that you mixed them well. If this one turns out to be a bad batch, well, just start over again. This recipe will last you a lifetime.


Yes..I definately have poetry framed in my kitchen!