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PoeticaL Zine

awwww....poor boy stuck in Afghanistan



t: ok

t: 60%

t: 75%

t: 80%

t: 90%

me: lol

t: 100%

t: yeah!

t: hello

me: hi

me: waves

t: K?

t: ok..

me: t?

t: but I need to go...

t: I will talk to you later?

me: you're on the left

me: anddddddddddddd best part

t: how'd you know

me: because that's your sweet face

t: What you don't like S?

me: I don't KNOW S

t: LOL

me: <----plans to cut S off the picture.....

me: hahahaha

me: just kidding....

t: its ok...

me: t?

t: it is yours to do what you want with

me: ty

t: yes?

t: for what?

me: everything

t: :-)

me: by the way I can't wait til the Internet figures out the

technology to let a person run into the screen and hug someone

t: LOL

t: I think that is coming out int IE 8.5

me: well hurry up dang it people

t: LOL

t: but I will catch you later ok?

me: yup

me: bye bye t

t: *huggs*

t: bye


"you are innocent sweet cherub children swinging hush
a magic wand wish friendships charmed happy rush

- PoeticaL